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Shraddha Kapoor is a talented and popular actress in the Indian film industry, known for her versatile acting skills, charm, and on-screen presence. Here’s an overview of her career and achievements:

Early Life:

  • Shraddha Kapoor was born on March 3, 1987, in Mumbai, India. She comes from a family with strong ties to the film industry; her father, Shakti Kapoor, is a well-known actor.

Acting Career:

  • Shraddha made her Bollywood debut with the film “Teen Patti” in 2010. However, it was her role in “Aashiqui 2” (2013) that catapulted her to stardom. Her performance and the film’s music received widespread acclaim.
  • She has appeared in a variety of films, including “Ek Villain” (2014), “Haider” (2014), “ABCD 2” (2015), “Baaghi” (2016), “Stree” (2018), and “Chhichhore” (2019).
  • Shraddha is known for her ability to portray a range of characters, from romantic dramas to action films and comedies.

Box Office Success:

  • She has been part of several commercially successful films and is regarded as one of the leading actresses in Bollywood.

Singing and Music:

  • Shraddha Kapoor is also a talented singer and has lent her voice to several songs in her films.

Fashion and Style:

  • She is known for her fashion-forward style and is considered a style icon in India.

Awards and Honors:

  • Shraddha Kapoor has received nominations and awards for her performances, including awards at various film festivals.

Social Media and Engagement:

  • She is active on social media platforms and connects with her fans by sharing updates about her work and life.


  • Shraddha Kapoor is involved in various charitable activities and has supported initiatives related to education and environmental conservation.

Upcoming Projects:

  • She continues to work on exciting projects in Bollywood and remains a prominent figure in the industry.

Shraddha Kapoor’s career is marked by her talent, versatility, and her ability to connect with audiences through her performances. She has established herself as a prominent actress in Indian cinema and continues to be a beloved figure in the world of entertainment.

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